Commercial Space Thrives in Shoreditch

News at Stirling Ackroyd | 18/11/2015


For those considering starting their own business, Shoreditch has become an ideal place to buy into commercial space. Stirling Ackroyd got in touch with the owner of independent Coffee shop, Slate, Zoey Henderson, to discover what it is that makes the East London area so special.

Based on Curtain Road, Slate, has quickly made a positive impact within the area, embedding itself into the artistic, and creative spirit for which Shoreditch has become well known for. In detailing how the independent store has done this, Zoey explains that it is largely down to the clientele: ‘They aren’t stuck in their ways, they are keen to find new places. So they see a new opening, and are eager to get involved.’

Commercial space thrives within the Shoreditch area, due to the balanced ratio of residential and commercial space, creating fantastic potential for custom; ‘I thought at first there were more businesses here but actually it is very residential as well.’

Zoey also spoke about the commercial space in Shoreditch from an economic perspective, ‘Hackney as a borough do really good business rates for new businesses, so it made financial sense as well.’

So how does Slate manage to fight off the increasing competition from other independent, or giant coffee stores within the East London area; ‘It is all about the personality of the staff – I can train you to make coffee, but I can’t train you to smile, and be funny, it is all about having that rapport with the customers. It is a very intimate space, and is based within London, a city which can be insular almost, but people like the quirkiness of it.’

One of the most refreshing aspects to Slate, is the way in which it optimises its space, despite being small. In partnership with a local charity called ‘Somewhereto’, Zoey often turns the store into a pop up art gallery, exhibiting some of the best young talent.

This is just one of the many ways, this small coffee shop expresses its BIG personality.

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