Electrical Safety

News at Stirling Ackroyd | 17/04/2018

In the UK there is no specific legal requirement to obtain certification for the electrical appliances in a rental property, with the exception of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) as checks must be made of the electrical wiring every 5 years but is not required for appliances. Failure to have the wiring checked is punishable by an unlimited fine. However, Landlords are required to ensure that electrical installations and appliances are safe and the practical way of achieving this is by means of testing. Should a tenant be injured due to a faulty appliance the Landlord can face prosecution and even a damages claim by the injured tenant.

The government passed the Housing and Planning Act 2016 in England which allows for regulations to be made in respect of electrical safety. At present the government is consulting over how this will be implemented and how often tests should be undertaken. The legislation was expected to be implemented in 2017 but we did not see this happen. We are urging all of our clients to consider this as an upcoming piece of legislation and with best practice in mind, we have negotiated with our in house maintenance team, INEX Property Solutions, preferred rates for portable appliance and Electrical conditions reports. Please speak to our Property Management team on 0203 911 3744 to find out more about preferential rates on these electrical reports.