Geraldine Tan Talks About The Rise of The Interior Blogger

News at Stirling Ackroyd | 16/02/2016

geraldine tan.jpgAs part of our latest issue of Circa, we had a chat with London Interior Blogger Geraldine Tan (owner of award winning blog Little Big Bell) about the rise of interior blogging and interior decor trends for 2016.

How did you get into interior blogging?

I've always been interested in interiors and decorating. Blogging has been a way for me to share my passion with others and is also a creative outlet for me away from my busy job as a doctor.

Why do you think interior and lifestyle blogging has become popular?

I think blogging in general has become popular because people are now increasingly searching online for information with a unique perspective. I also think social media such as Instagram and Pinterest play a part. Social media has become the possible outlet for self expression, whether in design or decorating. The latter may lead to self discovery of one's own creative ability, and blogging may become the natural next step. Secondly, the successes and rewards of blogging are now ever more apparent on social media. More bloggers are working with brands and some are leading the dream lifestyle that many may aspire to. 

Which interior trend do you think is going to be big in 2016?

I think pastels are going to be a front runner for Spring and Summer. I recently announced the Pantone colours of the year 2016 on the blog as a collaboration with Pantone. I think they have been spot on with their predictions of Rose Quartz ( a light pink with a tinge of coral) and Serenity ( a calming blue). I also think the botanical trend will continue, with leafy prints on fabrics and paper. Denim may be a micro-trend and I'm predicting more accent embellishment with gold accessories.

Little Big Bells home 1 photo by Geraldine Tan1