Open Plan Floors or Self Contained Building

News at Stirling Ackroyd | 01/11/2018

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To begin, we want to talk about offices, but more specifically office etiquette. We all know the Catherine Tate sketch, with the office worker driving her colleague mad with nonstop chatter, and we all probably know someone similar in our own offices…

But, how do we really feel about sharing our personal space with others? Isn’t it enough that we are squished into tubes and buses on our commute? Our question is, are employers doing enough to ensure that their teams are thriving in the open plan office set up and not secretly seething about Melanie overhearing last night’s events?

Our answer, probably not. And whilst break out space is essential in offices does it go far enough, or should we see more designated private offices? With open plan working on the rise we see more and more private telephone booths in offices, but should we see more 'quiet carriages' that are telephone and conversation free zones?

Stirling Ackroyd Commercial are currently marketing several self-contained offices which provide the perfect mix of open plan creative workspace alongside floors which can be dedicated to quiet time. The perfect blend of space to suit every business’ needs.

Specifically, we would like to highlight 7 Bath Place. This property is a self-contained unit within its own courtyard consisting of 3500 sq. ft. across 3 storeys. 

7 Bath Place has recently been fully refurbished and is easily accessible from either Old Street or Bath Place. The building has excellent ceiling heights on all floors, with windows front and back, exposed air conditioning services and timber flooring. This property offers a unique opportunity to potential tenants as you can place your brand throughout. 

Find out more about 7 Bath Place by taking a virtual tour of the property here.