Stirling Ackroyd Acquire Bridge Estates - Landlord Information

News at Stirling Ackroyd | 24/10/2018


We are delighted to be able to announce that Bridge Estates has been acquired by Stirling Ackroyd which forms part of Nick Dunning Associates.

At Stirling Ackroyd, the city is in our DNA. We understand the way London operates and how people buy, sell, rent or let property. As one of the first estate agents in the city of London, we’ve played a vital role in the residential and commercial development of Central and East London and through this, we have gained an integral understanding of local values and an unparalleled local knowledge.

As a well respected and long established business, the values of Bridge Estates perfectly complement the expansion of Stirling Ackroyd. With merging Bridge Estates into Stirling Ackroyd, our primary aim is to nensure we maintain a strong sense of local expertise combined with the benefits of our branch support services and London centric tenant database.

Central to Bridge Estates ongoing success is the dedication of an excellent team of staff, who will continue to be your key point of contact. Every effort will be made to provide the continuity and standard of service which you have come to expect. Since acquiring Bridge Estates we have been preparing for the integration into Stirling Ackroyd, and have already been working hard behind the scenes to improve further, the service levels provided to you. I sincerely hope you have noticed a difference from us. At Stirling Ackroyd delivering exceptional customer service is our no. 1priority and we endeavour to make this transition period as smooth as possible for you.

By now you should have already heard from your local team to discuss and answer any questions you may have but if you haven’t yet heard from them, don’t worry they will be in touch soon. We will shortly be migrating the Bridge business to our Stirling Ackroyd systems with this completing by February. During January Bridge Estates will then re-brand and start trading as Stirling Ackroyd.

The team responsible for your property/s will continue as your day to day contacts supported by myself and my management team Kate Ives, Operations Director and Tanya Hasking, Regional Director will be spending a significant amount of time in both Bridge Estates and Stirling Ackroyd working closely with the existing teams, harnessing the best from both companies and aligning them.

More information will be provided as we continue to migrate Bridge Estates into Stirling Ackroyd, however in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any immediate queries or feedback.