News at Stirling Ackroyd | 22/05/2017

There is very little the internet can’t do. In business and in leisure, everything starts with a click – whether that’s for planning, for research or for purchasing. Over 90% of property searches now start online, with sellers and potential buyers doing their own research before contacting an estate agent.

But this is where we believe that cyber relationship should stop, instead leaving clients in the hands of the local experts – traditional estate agents. With various outlets allowing sellers to advertise property very cheaply, it’s becoming something of a ‘cyber-business’ where you might not find the qualifications and the general know-how you’ll find with a qualified estate agent.

Many markets have been revolutionized by search engines; driving consumer purchasing at every level. But buying or selling a house is going to be one, if not the, biggest investment in life - you’re going to want to make sure you get it right. It’s somewhat a bricks versus clicks concept. Do you want to go down the cyber route or do you want human contact, property know-how and genuine, local advice on the market?

A trained professional comes with local knowledge, a wealth of work experience and contacts that will help get the ball rolling. Whether you are buying, renting or looking to sell your property, agents have years of experience and a wider network, ensuring you reach your goal in the best possible time.

Local agents will have established a great reputation in the area with a backlog of area-specific information and expertise at every stage. Estate agents live and breathe property; they know the housing market, they are well aware of recent sales prices and they have the contacts and statistics to help you on your way to buying or selling your home.

There are several online outlets offering agent services, property viewings and listings. Some organisations have local people working part-time, people who have never worked in the property industry, hosting viewings and feeding information to potential buyers. It may seem quick and easy, but the expert advice isn’t there and there is no training involved.

We believe it’s important to recruit an agent with local knowledge; agents who have weathered multiple different markets, who are well established and have the tricks, tips and experience to help you succeed in your property journey – whether it’s a purchase, a sale or simply a search.