Tips for tenants: How to find your ideal rental property

News at Stirling Ackroyd | 26/11/2018

Tips for tenants: How to find your ideal rental property

As most properties available to rent are now listed online, it’s easy to find your ideal rental home, right? Not necessary. Browsing over glossy photos and a salesy description doesn’t always depict a property in its most realistic of lights.

To find your ideal home to rent you should consider a number of factors, rather than just relying on the online property portals.

Take a look at three fundamental questions you should ask yourself to ensure the property you choose to rent is right for you.

Does the area tick all the right boxes?

The age-old saying ‘location, location, location’ retains its status as an invaluable component of house hunting. Is the rental property you are interested in located in an area that’s right for you? If you need to travel to work, is it close to transport links? If you have children of school age, is the property not far from a school?

These are all questions you should be asking yourself before embarking on your property search.

Is it the right size?

It’s easy to fall in love with a property because it the style of home you’re looking for. However, the size of the property needs to fit your requirements. The rental home should comprise of the right number of bedrooms to cater for your needs and the bedrooms should be sufficiently roomy for your purposes.

Does it fit your budget?

The cost of renting property varies significantly from region to region and what you are paying for a property to rent in one city could be considerably higher or lower in another city. Before you start looking for rental accommodation do some research to see what the property is being let out for each month.

Take a look at your own figures and decide what you can realistically afford in rent, taking into consideration other factors such as energy bills, transport costs to work and council tax.

An ideal property is only ideal if you can comfortably afford it.

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