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How landlords fared in the 2018 Autumn Budget 


Chancellor Philip Hammond delivered his budget with confidence this month, stating it would “open a new chapter in our country’s economic future.”

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Asking prices jump to a record high for the third month i...


Asking prices of newly marketed property in Britain hit a record high in June, jumping for the third consecutive month. Data from the property sear...

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Clerkenwell Becomes HotSpot For Cash Buyers


Clerkenwell is attracting a new surge of wealthy Londoners who are prepared to pay for their properties in cash. With nearly 6 out of 10 homes n...

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Photographing Your Home


When it comes to marketing your home, one of the first things your future buyer or tenant will see are the photographs we take.

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Budget 2017 - What it means for the property market


There has been much discussion around the contents of the Annual Budget and what it will mean for us all. What it specifically means for each perso...

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Lettings fee ban not to be implemented until May 2019


In November 2017, the government announced its proposal to ban letting agents from levying fees on tenants. A draft bill introduced to Parliament...

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Can millennials really save for deposits by giving up the...


The word deposit isn’t exactly the favourite word of many property buyers, particularly first-time buyers. Data suggests that potential first-tim...

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Why early spring is a good time to put your home on the m...


When’s the best time to put a property on the market? Some argue early spring is one of the optimum times of the year to put a home up for sale.

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