Valentines in East London

News at Stirling Ackroyd | 13/02/2017

As the holiday of love fast approaches, we’ve searched far and wide for the best places around East London and the City fringes to take those lucky ladies and gents who’ve landed a date with you this valentines day. If all goes well read our guide to the best coffee shops around Shoreditch to help ease the hangover the next morning... 

El Ganso - for the romantics

If you’re looking to share a bit more than a bottle of wine this valentine days then El Ganso is the only place you need to go. Just off Broadway Market, is this rustic Spanish eatery offering a truly authentic taste of proper Spanish tapas, after all, what says romance more than sharing a side of albondigas? A small tip that might end in your favour it does get pretty packed in the later hours of the evening with Spanish speaking customers (but that’s always a good sign right?), so perhaps aim a little earlier than normal, after all it leaves time for a nice romantic stroll afterwards…

59 Broadway Market, London, E8
P: 020 7241 1793 W:


Rosewood London– for that special question

We all know that around this time of year jewellery catalogues mysteriously appear around the house ear marked to a very particular section, subtle much? So, if you are looking to pop the special question this time round, then there’s no better setting than the Rosewood hotel. Head to Scarfs Bar for a couple of drinks to pluck up some dutch courage and to set the mood with live jazz then head to the terrace for some al fresco dining, if all goes well, we’ve heard the rooms upstairs are spectacular.

252 High Holborn, London WC1V 7EN
P:020 7781 8888

The Bleeding Heart – for the lovers

Once voted London’s most romantic restaurant by The Times, is the highly acclaimed French bistro offering a warm and cosy setting for all of London’s lust filled lovers. With an exceptional wine list and a menu that’ll have your taste buds tantalised how could you go wrong? Rumour has it that theres truffles for dessert and we all know the way to a woman’s heart is chocolate and mans food in general, winner winner fancy French dinner…

3 Bleeding Heart Yard, London EC1N 8SJ
P: 020 7242 8238 W:

Sosharu – for the showstopper

Landed the date of your dreams and keen to impress? Look no further than Sosharu, one of London’s finest Japanese restaurants and although it will certainly burn a hole in your pocket, you’ll be sure to make it a fire to remember. After tasting the culinary delights that Sosharu has to offer head to 7 tales, the restaurants cocktail bar and transport yourself into a atmosphere reminiscent of Tokyo itself.

64 Turnmill St, London EC1M 5RR
P: 020 3805 2304 W:

Buen Ayre – for the cosy table for two

We all know London has a numerous array of famed steak restaurants from Hawkesmoor to Gaucho to STK, however if you’re looking for the same quality but in a more causal setting to wine and dine that lucky loved one, then Buen Ayre in Hackney is a no brainer.

50 Broadway Market, London, E8 4QJ
P: 020 7275 9900

Bounce – for the double daters

For those who are perhaps not keen to quite spending the evening one on one why not double up with a couple of friends and head to Bounce. A thoroughly fun filled evening that promises to keep any awkward silences at bay and by the time you’re finished, you’ve probably seen the real side to your newly acquired beau, let’s just hope that that side isn’t similar to that of Monica Gellar (link to youtube video_ from Friends. Word of advice, we recommend booking ahead as it is a popular go to for the after work crowd.

241 Old St, Greater London EC1V 9EY
P: 020 3657 6525 W:

Ninetyeight bar – for the hipster

If you’re looking for something slightly different this valentines day and want to get away from the hustle and bustle but still keen to make it a night to remember, head to Morell House in Shoreditch. The quirky cocktail bar really does have to be seen to be believed. The interiors are literally what dreams of made of, from the walls to the furniture the only way to describe this is to imagine the deepest part of your subconscious come to life whilst serving a delicious array of cocktails.

98 Curtain Rd, London, EC2A 3AF
P: 020 7729 4141

Fight Club – for the singletons

Hey, how could we forget the singletons of London? It’s not easy being single on valentines date when your local supermarket is filled to the brim with heart shaped chocolates, cuddly toys and ‘special meal for two deals’ (even your beloved Tesco is against you) but why not avoid the Bridget Jones evening of ice cream and a bottle for one and grab a couple of mates and head to Fight Club. Drinks and throwing darts (which you could picture as your ex’s face), where do we sign up?

2 A Worship St, London EC2A 2AH
P: 020 3019 3093 W: