What to do during Clerkenwell Design Week

News at Stirling Ackroyd | 24/04/2017

Clerkenwell is a creative hub with more design businesses and architects per square mile than anywhere else on the planet. In its eighth year, Clerkenwell Design Week will showcase leading and UK and international design, interior and furniture brands and companies. Days during the festival are ram packed, with a variety of talks, presentations and exhibitions on offer. But where are the best places to stop for a bite of lunch between showroom visits? Or what do you do when the day comes to a close? Some of London’s best restaurants, cosy old pubs and independent shops are located in this compact corner of town, and we’ve got you covered with this guide to Clerkenwell.

Where? Project, British Collection & Platform


  • The Clerkenwell Kitchen, 27 - 31 Clerkenwell Close
  • On The Green, Garden of St James
  • Granger & Co, 50 Sekforde St
  • Dans Le Noir, 30-31 Clerkenwell Green

Project, British Collection and Platform are a cluster of three of the six exhibitions located within proximity to one another in the centre of the design festival. Around these three exhibitions are a variety of eateries. The Clerkenwell Kitchen serves breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea and during CDW will serve a free brownie with coffee until 11 am and a glass of wine or beer with any meal off the main blackboard after that. On The Green is a speciality coffee stop in Clerkenwell and will offer 20% off of everything. Granger & Co will also offer 20% off food and soft drinks for each person with a dinner reservation and a complimentary glass of prosecco. For a more offbeat experience, why not try Dans Le Noir? A restaurant where you dine in darkness, you can awaken your other senses after a day of feasting your eyes on design.

Where? Detail & Additions


  • The Modern Pantry, 47-48 St John's Square
  • The Artisan of Clerkenwell, 53 St John's Square
  • The Dove Tail, 9-10 Jerusalem Passage
  • Workshop Coffee, 27 Clerkenwell Rd
  • Foxlow, 69-73 St John St,
  • Apres Food Co, 72 St John St
  • The Bench Café, 42 Britton Street
  • Barsmith, 18-20 St John Street

Two other exhibitions within proximity to one another are Detail and Additions. Situated in the heart of Clerkenwell in St John's Square, the exhibits are surrounded by a wealth of coffee, lunch and dinner spots. A few to mention include The Modern Pantry, The Artisan of Clerkenwell, The Dovetail and Foxlow, all of which offer special discounts and complimentary drinks with purchases and bookings for lunches and dinners. For a quick cup of coffee or tea, Workshop Coffee is a cafe dedicated to sourcing and brewing the best coffee possible, while The Bench Cafe is offering 10% off throughout the festival.

Where? Design Fields


  • Quality Chop House, 88-94 Farringdon Road
  • Caravan, 11-13 Exmouth Market
  • Café Kick, 43 Exmouth Market,

The Design Fields exhibition will be located in Spa Fields towards the North of the design week action. Near this exhibition is The Quality Chop House, which serves predominantly British, locally-sourced and sustainable food. The Chop House is offering a classic lunch menu as well as lunchbox with hot roast meat sandwich and milk brownie to take away. Exmouth Market is also close by, a lovely street to walk down, and where you'll find numerous places to stop off for a bite to eat.

What Else?

  • Shops
  • Hotels

Aside from food, Clerkenwell is also known for its eclectic array of independent and vintage shops. Lie down I Think I love You offers gorgeous vintage accessories and why not try cafe/boutique Out of Town for a cup of coffee and a choice of vintage pieces, including a selection of soul records. If you are looking for a place to stay locally, The Zetter and The Zetter Townhouse, offer rooms with plenty of styles. A little pricier and subtly tucked away, the suites at The Rookery are in tune with the history of the area, with classic vintage interiors and a boutique feel.

For more information on Clerkenwell Design Week visit: www.clerkenwelldesignweek.com