Why early spring is a good time to put your home on the market

News at Stirling Ackroyd | 09/03/2018

When’s the best time to put a property on the market? Some argue early spring is one of the optimum times of the year to put a home up for sale.

1. Greater competition equates to achieving the best possible price

With the winter hibernation over and before the rush of the holiday season in the summer, buyers have a tendency to start looking for property in early spring. This means that there is greater competition amongst buyers, which can prove positive for sellers, as it helps them achieve the maximum price for their home.

2. Gardens begin to bloom

With the flowers beginning to bud, the night’s becoming lighter and the weather starting to improve, properties can often look at their best during the early spring. Gardens are starting to blossom, providing viewers with a much more enticing and attractive landscape compared to the bareness of the winter or the often aridness of the summer.

3. Buyers are keen to view potential properties

Not only does the more agreeable weather of early spring make properties appear more attractive, but it also encourages a greater number of house buyers to make the effort to view properties. And the higher number of viewings a property attracts, the more likely someone will put in that eagerly- awaited offer.

4. Prospective buyers are less likely to be on holiday

Unlike the height of the summer, Eastertime or at Christmas, when many prospective buyers are on holiday, early spring is a significantly less popular time to go away. With buyers largely at home, putting a property on the market during this time of year is likely to attract optimum interest and lead to a greater number of viewings.

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