Customer feedback is important to us

Listening to you

We are always interested in your views. In particular, we will:

  • Send you a customer questionnaire so that you can tell us what you think of our service
  • Use any comments, suggestions and compliments you may have about our services to help us improve where relevant

Helping us to put things right

In the unlikely event that you may be unhappy with certain aspects of our service, please let us know. We will then thoroughly investigate your comment, suggestion or complaint.

We would also like to receive your compliments, as these help us to see what we are getting right, so that we can extend best practice across all of our departments.

If you want to make a comment, suggestion or complaint, you may:

  • Visit any of our branches and speak to the Branch Manager.
  • Send a letter to the address indicated in the "Where to contact us" section.
  • Send an email to us at the email address provided.
  • Telephone us on 0800 074 0095

When we receive your comment, suggestion or complaint, we will do the following: If you phoned or visited us, we will endeavour to deal with the matter straight away. If this is not possible, we will contact you within seven working days to let you know what we are doing.

If you contacted us at Head Office, in writing, we will acknowledge receipt of your letter within three working days. We will then give you a full written response within 21 working days or, if this is not possible, tell you when you can expect a more detailed response.

Where to contact us:

Managing Director's office
Unit 2
Wintersells Road
KT14 7LF


Tel: 0800 074 0095

Your complaint will be dealt with by the relevant Director dependent on the discipline involved.

If having received our final response you do not agree with some or all of our conclusions, you may contact us again in order that we can review our investigation in the light of your further comments. If you remain dissatisfied after the above procedure has been exhausted, you may do the following:

Appeal in writing to:

Residential Sales & Lettings

The Property Ombudsman
Milford House
43 – 55 Milford Street




The National Federation of Property Professionals
Arbon House
6 Tournament Court
Edgehill Drive

CV34 6LG