First impressions help sell property. From knocking on the front door, to viewing each room and any outside space, its essential to remember first impressions help sell your property.

Read our quick and easy tips to help you impress potential buyers.

Front of house

Neat and tidy landscaping will help transform the exterior look and feel of your home.

Your front door is the centrepiece of your home so a tasteful colour, potted plants and good lighting will all help to create a welcoming feel.

The entrance hall

Creates the first and last internal impression, so make sure it is the best it can be..

Make sure it is as bright and light as possible and remove any bulky furniture or obstacles.


The wrong lighting can make your home feel dark and drab.

Install brighter modern lights to make your home seem sunny, cheerful and up to date.

Colour matters

Paint colours are a very personal thing and many potential buyers are likely to want to customise their new home.

What is important when marketing is to make each room feel right and complement the whole property.

Neutral colours make for a good blank canvas.

Kitchen and bathroom

Unless required, avoid costly major overhauls but do make sure they are clean and tidy and make the most of the space.

If required, consider updating lighting, taps and mirrors to give a newer modernised feel.

Clean and clutter free

Potential buyers need to imagine themselves living in your property.

Put things you don’t really use on a daily basis out of sight or in storage.

Large items of furniture and kids toys may take up valuable space.

Buyers also expect to see a clean, well looked after home.

Avoid washing and laundry on display, cluttered worktops, overflowing bins and leftover washing up.


Whilst you love your animals, not all buyers will and some may even have allergies or phobias.

It is best to remove pet bowls, baskets and litter trays. Where possible keep any animals away from the property whilst viewings are taking place.

Pet lovers will pay more attention to your pet than your home, missing those key features.

Pet haters will feel uncomfortable, completely on their guard and rush around your property as quickly as they can.

Back garden

An extension to your living space, the first thing buyers see when they walk out the back should be neat, tidy and useable space.

If need be, buy inexpensive patio furniture, potted plants and install some outdoor lighting to tie it all together.