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Fully Managed Plus - Your Complete Lettings Solution

Put quite simply, we’re tailor made for landlords. We understand the challenges you’re faced with every day and work hard on your behalf to remove any obstacles. From the ongoing maintenance of your property and keeping your tenants happy, to staying up-to-date with the complex web of legislation, we’re here to take the strain out of letting and managing property – leaving you to enjoy rewards. We understand that being a landlord can be a full-time job; but our services mean you don’t have to worry. Stirling Ackroyd is old enough to understand the long-term benefits of being a landlord, but young enough to provide an offering that fits the ever-changing requirements of the private-rented sector.

We have also invested in Fixflo, an online tool which enables tenants to quickly and effectively report any repairs or maintenance. Tenants in Fully Managed Plus properties can access the online system 24 hours a day in over 40 different languages via smartphone, tablet or desktop. This state-of-the-art system means we can resolve maintenance requirements swiftly with minimal disruption to you or your tenants.

  • Ensuring landlords and tenants comply with the latest regulatory changes
  • Conducting regular inspections of a property and ensuring it is maintained to a high standard
  • Resolving problems with tenants (such as unpaid rent) and making sure these are promptly chased and delivered
  • Activating rent and legal protection products and progressing any claims, from the collection of rent to the repossession of a property
  • Dealing with the often-complex process of serving notice should landlords need to regain possession of a property
  • Handling all end of tenancy requirements, including dealing with the return of a tenancy deposit and providing robust evidence if a dispute does arise.
  • Letting residential property is increasingly complex, so it’s natural for the process to come with a level of risk. Through the years, we’ve seen it all. Our service has been created to protect your investment and remove the headache of dealing with any issues.

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