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Our monthly house price index gives you the latest property transaction numbers and averages for the London Bridge area. Get house price changes, find out how many properties were sold, break statistics down by property type and benchmark regionally and nationally.


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Important: It’s always important to remember that each property is unique and whilst these are average property sales statistics for London Bridge, to get an accurate value of how much you could actually sell your property for, make sure you get in touch with us today to book your free face-to-face property valuation.


Want to know how much your detached, semi-detached, terraced house or flat in London Bridge is worth? We can tell you. Find out how much each type of property is worth, the price change over the last twelve months and what percentage of the market said property type comprises.

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Unless otherwise shown, the data shown is a rolling 12-month average based on latest market information from Land Registry. All data provided by Dataloft.