We take our job as your letting agent very seriously, so it is as important to us to make sure your property is properly looked after as it is for you. Because of this we secure good tenants for you from the outset.

However, anyone can have a change of circumstances and we’ve all heard about examples of redundancy, relationship breakdowns, ill health or bankruptcy, leaving tenants:

  • unable to pay the rent
  • unwilling to move out at the end of the tenancy
  • causing a delay in you regaining possession of your property

Our Rent and Legal Protection insurance policy enables you to have complete peace of mind that you will not need to deal with unreliable tenants. Should the worst then happen, you can leave everything up to us to deal with. In addition to our help and support, we will instruct specialist legal experts to work on your behalf.

Essential Rent & Legal Protection Features

Repossession of the property following rent arrears
Payment of rent arrears for rents £0 - £2,500 Up to £15,000
Payment of rent arrears for rents £2,501 - £4,000 Up to £24,000
Eviction of squatters - evicting someone who is in that property without permission
Covers the property not the tenant
Monthly or 12 month interest period available
Nil excess
Legal assistance up to £25,000
Period in which you have to make a claim Up to 45 days
Transferable between tenancies
Claims exclusion period if tenancy started 30 days
24/7 legal advice telephone helpline
Domestic assistance helpline to help you find a contractor to fix your property in an emergency
Counselling helpline to provide support
Covers rents to £4,000 per month

As with any cover, limitations and exclusions apply. For full details and terms and conditions, please get in touch for the Policy Booklet and Policy Summary Key Facts. Call us now on 020 3961 7771 for more information.