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2022 – A Positive Change in the Property Landscape.

03 June 2022 / Corporate News

Top 3 Post-Pandemic Trends

The physical and psychological effects of two years of pandemic have not yet passed. As a result, the importance of the home remains central to our lives. 

Once a place to eat, sleep and occasionally watch Netflix, the Covid-period transformed our homes from functional dwellings to safe shelter, wellness sanctuaries and family nests. 

Places that protect us in troubled times, our homes remain a top priority and focal point in 2022.

Home As Lifestyle

Many of us have had more than enough time these past two years to visualise what the home of our dreams might look like. Pre-pandemic, search terms for new homes to buy were predictably functional. Close to schools, train stations, defined bathrooms and bedrooms. Stirling Ackroyd’s buyers were ready to consider broader options as long as the practical boxes were ticked. The home was less the centre of the universe and more a place to hang your hat

Now that we universally spend more time at home, many of our customers have specific different needs, wants and desires when it comes to the perfect property to buy. For many, a dedicated place to work is essential. A garden to tend and enjoy holds great appeal. Proximity to the great outdoors matters. A positive recalibration of our work-life balance, this property trend looks set to continue well into 2023, even if these options command a premium.

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Return To The City

A tsunami-style, panic-induced exodus from London to the countryside is currently in reverse. As the tide comes in, those that packed up and left are packing up to return. With Work-from-Home rules redefining workplace demands, a significant number of professionals must be in the office a set number of days a week, so we are now seeing demand for homes in the city return, but this time – having had a taste of green space – buyers want gardens that now command a particular premium. That said, flats are outselling houses in the London and Surrey markets as affordability comes to the fore.

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Optimal Commute – Tube Line Or Mainline

An estimated 800,000 more people will live in London in the next 10 years. For almost everyone that lives in or around the capital, transportation and ease of access to places of work and play remain the top priorities. In the past, train journeys each day were a fact of life for many. Now, people want to find a home that offers as easy a commute as possible, and typically this means living close to one of the better-connected rail services. Read our article on the phased opening of the Elizabeth Line and explore amazing transport options for central and suburban routes.

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