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Community Matters: Whitton

16 November 2022 / Corporate News
Last week, Richard in our Whitton branch was instructed by his client to sell his home. Whilst Richard was covering off the details, his client was talking about his voluntary work at the local food bank in Hounslow, an organisation called Hounslow Community Food Box. It became clear that there are so many people dependent on this service, from everyday families and individuals, including nurses and key workers. Helping the community through this service has become vital support for so many and the charity has seen a significant increase in demand in recent times. His client discussed how eye opening it is to see the amount of people that really need this help to support themselves and their families. However, one of the struggles within the food bank itself is the picking and packing of the orders and distribution. Often the bags used would be useless after one use or split before the recipient had even completed their journey home. With this in mind, Richard thought it would be a nice idea to be able to help with the problem by donating 1500 Stirling Ackroyd bags for life so the people could collect their food and reuse the bags on their next trip to the food bank to make life a little bit easier. Richard has since been along to Hounslow Community Food Box to see how the operation works, meet the team and to deliver the Stirling Ackroyd bags for life. All of the Hounslow Community Food Box team said this donation is going to be such a great help for them in order for the food to be packed safely and taken home. We want to thank Richard Evans for supporting such a great cause. Visit for more information or how you can support Hounslow Community FoodBox and their incredible work.

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