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Stirling Ackroyd Grows From Strength-to-Strength

29 April 2022 / Corporate News

Beresford Residential and Williams Lynch Acquisition Expands Business to 34 Branches

In a move seen by industry commentators as a clear demonstration of investment capacity, strategic network optimisation and brand confidence, Beresford Residential and Williams Lynch’s have been fully acquired by Stirling Ackroyd in what has been cited as one of the most influential industry deals of 21/22.

“Smart consolidation of great property companies with deep local knowledge is the way forward,” explains Bruve Evans,  Managing Director Group Lettings at Stirling Ackroyd. “And through a programme of brand consolidation, ongoing acquisitions and organic growth, our company has grown from 9 to 34 branches in just 24-months.” 

“Coming out of what has been an incredibly challenging pandemic period, investor commitment to grow the Stirling Ackroyd business is as solid as our current branch performance, making further tactical growth by acquisition likely in the months ahead.” 

As one of London’s most respected residential and commercial property sales, lettings and management businesses, Stirling Ackroyd also understands the importance of synchronised business and brand development, and as a first step to integration of the acquired brands Beresford Brixton has already adopted the Stirling Ackroyd name. Beresford West Norwood and Camberwell have also joined the network. Williams Lynch has also joined the fold, with focus on the London Bridge area.

“Stirling Ackroyd invests heavily in our brand. Driving market awareness, we want customers to understand why working with our expert team in key locations makes sense,” explains Keiran McCloud, Head of Marketing and Communications at Stirling Ackroyd. 

“Strategically important  acquisitions and partnership onboarding also requires careful operational and brand planning to make it work. Clear communications with new branch staff helps customers understand that we are committed to an exceptional standard of service under the Stirling Ackroyd name, and that our goal is to enhance the customer service previously offered by Beresford Residental and Williams Lynch through benefits that the brand and wider Group can provide.”
“All Stirling Ackroyd mergers and acquisitions are carefully considered. Our primary aim is to ensure we maintain a strong sense of local expertise, combined with the benefits of our branch support services. We welcome the teams  at Beresford Residental and Williams Lynch to the Stiring Ackroyd family.” Bruce Evans concludes.

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