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Tenant Repairs Reporting Tool

04 October 2022 / Corporate News

How your tenants look after your property really matters. If they are given bad advice – or simply don’t seem to care – you are going to get one, big, headache.

Enter Stirling Ackroyd’s new web-based repairs and maintenance management service. Fixflo gives tenants the opportunity to report repairs online, 24/7/365, in more than forty languages.

The portal also makes it possible for you and your tenants to provide all of the information you might need to get accurate quotes from contractors to carry out repairs – including things like uploading pictures for better diagnoses.

If the problem is the responsibility of the tenant to fix, the portal shows them how to make the repair safely.

Works Management

But Fixflo is much more than a reporting tool. It enables sophisticated works order management and automation. Its easy-to-use dashboard tracks the advance of all works and tells users what tasks are outstanding.

If you are a landlord or property manager, the system allows you to prioritize problems and late works.

It also proactively plans one-off or recurring maintenance schedules for you – with notifications before they’re due. Fixflo has more than two hundred maintenance templates, so creating a proper strategy has never been easier.

“Repairs and maintenance are fundamental to tenant comfort and safety, as well as the integrity of your buildings,” says Stirling Ackroyd’s Project and Product Director Kate Ashley-Ives.

“If you want to streamline your operations and make sure your tenants have the best experience, you should roll out Fixflo across your portfolio of houses. By empowering the tenant, you can swiftly resolve maintenance issues as they arise – with minimal disruption to you.” 

“This is particularly important for landlords in the current legislative climate,” Kate continues. “Fixflo helps you stay compliant with relevant regulatory and legislative requirements – in particular, it gives you a central point from which to keep everyone concerned in the loop. No more lengthy email chains or challenging telephone calls that might delay things. Instead, an intuitive, preprogramed, out-of-the-box solution that helps you avoid lengthy and costly errors in maintaining your properties.”

Fixflo is flexible too. “Many landlords want to use their own contractors for particular maintenance jobs,” says Kate. “Fixflo makes this easy to input and manage, and if you do need to outsource a problem to one of Stirling Ackroyd’s assured contractors, Fixflo’s detailed job control means that the majority of repairs can be made at the first call, saving you time and money.”

Stirling Ackroyd’s Home Emergency Service is powered through Fixflo too. It gives you access to on-demand contractors that meet your chosen criteria for an emergency and can automatically assign one to attend the home and carry out repairs – even in the dead of night.

As Detailed As You Like

You and your contractors can receive notifications when insurance or professional certifications are about to expire. As a single source of truth, Fixflo makes updating paperwork a sinch. No need for that back and forth between you and your contractor for verification when everything is already in Fixflo. Contractors can download a certificate template and upload the completed certificate themselves.

You can even use Fixflo to manage your contractors. They can download their dedicated Fixflo app to submit quotes, update work progress and issue invoices. If a task falls behind, Fixflo notifies them on their mobile phone so nothing slips through the cracks.

“Above all, Fixflo puts your tenants in control of the maintenance work they want done quickly, and you in control of the work you need done regularly,” says Kate.

To find out more about Fixflo or any of Stirling Ackroyd’s property management services, contact us here

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