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Top tips for selling your house

10 March 2021 / Selling

Late spring and early summer is the perfect time to think about selling your house. Property usually moves more quickly during these months, with the average time to sell around 56 days in May and June, compared to 70 days during the winter. Listings also start to spike, with agents adding more properties to their books from June to September. 

With the summer months just around the corner, potential buyers are looking at their next move before the holidays start. So, what can you do to make sure your house stands out? Our sales team share their tip tops. 

Spruce up your home

First things first, start looking at your property through the eyes of potential buyers. Are there any minor works you can do now to add value? Painting tired rooms, having carpets cleaned and sprucing up your windows can all make a real difference. If you’re not sure what will appeal to buyers, ask our sales team at Stirling Ackroyd for a no-obligation appraisal of your home.  

If you have a garden, mow the lawn, trim any shrubs and add some flower pots to brighten up the area. Put away any toys or equipment so people can visualise how they might use the space. Tidy up chairs, tables and any other social spaces so buyers can picture themselves relaxing on the terrace after a long day. Keep driveways and paths clear.

Removing your personal stamp 

It’s natural to feel emotionally attached to your home; you’ve probably spent years putting your own stamp on it. But it’s important to think about the needs of your target market and let buyers get excited about how they might use the property. By taking away any personal items such as photos, you’ll help people to forget it’s someone else’s house. 

If you’ve chosen any quirky furniture or features, swap them for something more neutral for now. You can take all your most prized pieces to your new home.   

Professional marketing material 

Once your property is ready for viewings, make sure it’s presented in the best possible light with high-quality marketing material. A picture paints a thousand words, so hire a professional photographer to capture the best angles and choose a bright time of the day with plenty of natural light. Accurate floorplans also help buyers to get a feel for the space. 

Your property’s description should talk all about why you love living there. What are its top three benefits? For example, you might live in an area with high-speed broadband. On the other hand, is there anything buyers should know about the property or wider area? For instance, they might like to know if public transport links are some distance away.

Be realistic with pricing

It’s tempting to overprice your home and see what happens. But this can mean that real buyers might think that it’s out of their price range. At the same time, people who are looking for a larger house could be better off searching elsewhere.  

Do your own research and be sensible about what your home is worth. What did similar properties sell for on portals such as Rightmove? Does your house have any special features that could mean people might pay more? A professional estate agent will be able to create a detailed pricing report and give you an achievable price.

Make the most of each viewing

Give your house a good clean before each viewing. If you have any pets, put away any their bedding and food bowls. Put out some fresh flowers and plug-in a subtle diffuser so the house smells fresh.  

Although you know your property really well, pop out during viewings so potential buyers can walk around and ask any questions in their own time. Your estate agent will be fully briefed to show off the features of your home.

Multiple or block viewings can encourage buyers to make a decision about a property and save you time in the long-run. If you’re in a hurry to move, ask your estate agent whether an open house could help.  

After each viewing, ask for feedback from the buyers. Is there anything that put them off? Would they like to know anything else about the area? Even if the property isn’t right for them, their opinion may help you prepare for the next viewing or look at whether you need to tweak the price of your property.

Choose a professional estate agent

Our sales team at Stirling Ackroyd are members of Propertymark and pride themselves in upholding the highest industry standards. If you’re looking at selling your house, contact our expert team for a no-obligation appraisal of your property. Visit here for more information.

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