Snowdon Sunrise Trek

As a company we are proud to sponsor Shooting Star Children’s Hospices as our charity of choice and we are even more proud to be their longest standing corporate partner.


Snowdon Sunrise Trek

At 3.30am on Saturday morning 27 colleagues set out to climb Snowdon in support of Shooting Star Children’s Hospices.

In anticipation of a challenging climb, colleagues switched from the Pyg trail to Llanberis path, thinking it would be easier. They had been told there was ‘snow on the ground’ at the top of Snowdon by their guides however they hadn’t been told just how much they were in for and how treacherous it would make their ascent.

A short while after setting off the snow started, most of the group agreed this added to the excitement and challenge – until they got a bit further up.

At about half way the snow became a lot heaver and the ground covered in a layer that made walking (and not slipping) far more of a challenge. With just a few hundred metres to go the guides paused to deliberate on whether the group should could continue. With agreement from the group they ditched the path and climbed on to the railway to benefit from some added footing that the sleepers provided. With a sheer drop on one side of the railway it was a slow and careful trek to the top.

The group arrived at the top shortly after 7am to feelings of achievement, exhilaration and relief! After a short while they realised they still had to descend….. this proved just as challenging, if not more so, than the ascent!

At the time of writing the group have raised an astonishing £19,250 for the charity, far in excess of their initial £15,000 target…. They have since set themselves a new target of £20,000…

In light of the extremely challenging conditions, which the guide rated a 7/10 for difficulty, if you would like to sponsor the group you can still do so here:

Those who climbed were: Dominic Easterby, Graham Harrison, Claire Cudmore, Tania Mendes Pereira, Harry Clowser, Beckie Fanelli, Dawn Platt, Claire Donaldson, Silviu Strufanga, Katie Knott, Katie Verrall, Nick Mayhead, Samuel Spriggs, Alex Ripley, Thomas Spencer, Tom Allen, Lisa Yoshimoto, Amber Brackley, Cheveiz Javaid, Antonios Kozakis, Adnan Khan, Ellie Kozaki, Katy Harris, Aggie Duffin, Adam Picton